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Photos by: Nina Kolle

photo by: Nick Middleton

Artwork by Jan Kruse (Human Empire)




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“Hailing from the outskirts of Manchester, their scratchy post-punk racket effectively draws a line between the first Futureheads album and Vampire Weekend.” NME

“The album sparkles with tunes and cleverness. The kids are alright!” WORD Magazine

“Raised in the leafy fringes of Manchester, Dutch Uncles sound sharp, zingy and bursting with promise on this polished debut.” Uncut

Dutch Uncles

Sub 20 years olds, pulling funny faces, wearing checked shirts, and playing tighter than the drainpipe jeans they're in. Andy (drums), Robin (bass), Pete (guitar) and Sped (guitar), mates since primary school, welcomed Duncan as the final member (vocals), after he arrived sogging wet, from a traipse across Marple Bridge, in the usual pissing rain. It was an audition that no-one could remember organising.

The first single release off the ‘Dutch Uncles’ debut album “Face In”, produced by Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Foals, Pete And The Pirates), is a salty seaman stained tale from both side of the camera with the lyric - “I’m fixed over one eye” questioning the very essence of control in a world of porn stars and teenage boys fantasies.

‘Dutch Uncles’ was recorded at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, Germany (home of their label: Tapete Records) and Fortress Studios, London in 2008.

The second single "Steadycam" will be out on April 18, 2009 on 7'' white vinyl - limited edition!

German Info

Kaum zwanzigjährig, Grimassen schneidend, karierte Hemden tragend und dabei tighter groovend als ihre engen Röhrenjeans - das sind die DUTCH UNCLES aus Manchester.

Andy (Drums), Robin (Bass), Pete (Gitarre) und Sped (Gitarre) sind Freunde seit Grundschulzeiten und musizierten schon länger zusammen, als eines Abends im Jahre 2006 Duncan (Gesang) dazu stieß - nach einem Spaziergang durch’s übliche nordenglische Schweißwetter. Erstes Treffen, erstes Kennenlernen, und sofort stand fest: das ist es!

„Face In“, die erste Single des Albums, wurde von Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Foals, Pete And The Pirates) produziert.
Da war dann mittlerweile auch schon tapete records auf der Bildfläche erschienen, die Band hatte eine große Auswahl an fertigen Songs vorliegen und die Albumaufnahmen konnten beginnen. So kam es, dass die Band sich im Sommer 2008 in Hamburg wieder fand, um im Clouds Hill Studio (bei Johann Scheerer und Thies Mynther) ihr Debüt einzuspielen. Mit Blick auf das romantisch-industrielle Rothenburgsort im Hamburger Süd-Osten entstand so ein Album, dessen Musik so brillant und gleichzeitig so schwer in die allseits beliebten Schubladen (Mathrock?) einzuordnen ist, dass hier nun John Kennedy vom Londoner Radiosender XFM zitiert werden soll. Er ist großer Fan der ersten Stunde und bringt es perfekt auf den Punkt:

“Trying to pin down the sound of Dutch Uncles is tricky. They twist and turn like swallows in flight. The vocals soar as guitars duel, rise and hypnotise, bass and drums locked together thrusting upwards  then sideways, then down, then up again. References abound but don’t define. Somehow they are New Wave, No Wave, Post Punk and Pop all at once.
They have the well-drilled groove of a Strokes, the chiming African inflected guitars of a Vampire Weekend, the otherness of a Shudder To Think but then there’s the repetition of a Steve Reich and the singular singing of Duncan Paton.
These ten songs are just the start. Dutch Uncles are only opening their wings.”

DUTCH UNCLES sind: Duncan Paton (Gesang); Peter Timothy Broadhead (Gitarre); Andrew Proudfoot (Drums); Robin Richards (Bass); Uncle Sped (Gitarre)

Veröffentlichung des Albums war am 31.10.2008


2008 Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles (CD Digipack/LP)

Face In (7" Vinyl)