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Ghostdream (Release: May 26th, 2017)

The first single from the forthcoming Nick Nicely album "Sleep Safari" is "Ghostdream", a collaboration with an unconcernedly untraceable Mr Boars. We can't find out anything, though it's rumoured he was briefly a blink-and-you'll-miss-it part of Nick's Unlived Lives band!

Anyway, the result is this sublime shoreline electro-psych opera seeking solid ground in the lands of familiar ghosts, while watching shadows climb the wall ... all to the coolest gated B-line.

The blend of the old and strikingly new has always been a feature of Nicely's oeuvre, and "Ghostdream" with majestic 'B side' "The Otherside 2" is a perfect snapshot of the artist's current aesthetic, drawing influences from across pop history to create this unique and emotional, mortality themed pair. 'Pretty genius' say Subbacultcha of their sneak peek.

Tapete Records are very proud to present the first chapter in the story of the "Sleep Safari" album, and with Nicely making his Hollywood soundtrack debut in 2017 we think it's going to be quite a year.