"BAMBI KINO" (release: 18.02.2011)

Magical nights they were, back in August 2010. Exactly 50 years after the Beatles had arrived in Hamburg after a gruelling trip from Liverpool to play their first-ever concert at the Indra Club on Große Freiheit/Reeperbahn, BAMBI KINO played their first of four celebrated shows at just this venue. A sold-out Indra, revved-up Vox amps, tough guys with tears in their eyes... but one thing after another.

Hamburg, August 1960: Five young musicians from Liverpool climb the stage of the slightly small and scruffy “Musik- und Varieté-Club” Indra on the 17th of August. This is the first Beatles show on a German stage.
Just around the corner of the notorious Reeperbahn and largely unnoticed by the general public, this is the beginning of an unparalleled career which would shake the foundations of the music world.

New York City, summer 2010: Four young Beatles and Hamburg aficionados from New York form a band, naming themselves after the first lodgings of the Beatles during their first string of Hamburg shows, the “Bambi Kino” in Paul-Roosen-Straße in St. Pauli. Their plan: to play the Indra on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles premiere.

Hamburg, August 2010: In cooperation with their label Tapete Records, who are also based in Hamburg, BAMBI KINO play a four-day residency at the Indra (August 17-20, 2010).
BAMBI KINO are: Ira Elliot – drums (Nada Surf), Erik Paparazzi – bass (Cat Power), Mark Rozzo – guitar and vocals (Maplewood) and Doug Gillard – guitar (Guided By Voices). The band revive the sound and spirit of those August days in 1960, playing the exact set the Beatles played for the Indra crowd 50 years ago.

Sleep is not an issue on these hot and humid August days and nights in Hamburg as BAMBI KINO play three sets, averaging around five hours of show time every night. Rehearsals in the afternoon further extend their repertoire of Rock‘n‘Roll classics, obscure R&B tracks, standards and even some country songs to play at the shows. The album you’re now holding in your hands was also recorded during these afternoon sessions at the historic venue. Out of over twelve hours of material the band selected these 12 songs.

And a treasure trove it is: a long forgotten episode of musical history, the sounds and songs of the Hamburg Beatles are finally given the respect they deserve, whereas BAMBI KINO are nothing like a conventional cover band. Knowledgeable, passionate and highly original, the band makes these early masterpieces accessible to the general public once again. The tough, driving beat, rough and soulful harmony vocals and the rockin‘ guitars take the listener back to the dark alleyways and side streets of London, Liverpool and, naturally, Hamburg where in 1960 thin, young men in black leather jackets re-interpreted American Rock‘n‘Roll giving it a whole new lease for life.

During their stint at the Indra club in 2010, BAMBI KINO not only won over parts of the crowd who had been there in the 60‘s, but also the many young Indie kids who had been drawn there by the illustrious sound of the BAMBI KINO members’ “main bands”. People who may have never heard Chuck Berry’s "I’m Talking Bout You" before. BAMBI KINO are a rockin‘ and rollin‘ séance.


SingleTapete Records
Some other guy/Falling in love again
AlbumTapete Records
Bambi Kino

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