Die neue Single "Schachmatt" von Black Heino ist da!

Hier kommt die aktuelle Black Heino-Single "Schachmatt" aus dem kommenden Album "Menschen und Maschinen" (VÖ: 25.9.2020). 

"Menschen und Maschinen" könnt ihr in unserem Shop als CD, Vinyl und digital vorbestellen.

New album "Love Your Work" by Eight Rounds Rapid is out now!

The third album "Love Your Work" by the UK band Eight Rounds Rapid is out now.

'Eight Rounds Rapid are the real-deal. Music made out of necessity. I love their work. It’s drama, humour, anger, precision and character. Fire and skill. Words and music. Life and death. Here and now. Ten out of Ten. You slimy little prick.'  (Louder Than War, Ged Babey)

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Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen: Neue Single "Ferien für immer"

"Ferien für immer" ist die neue Single von DLDGG. Der Song ist eine Ode an die Sehnsucht, eine Ode an das schöne Leben. Und eine Ode an eisgekühlte Getränkedosen. 

"Ferien für immer" ist ab sofort überall digital erhältlich und erscheint am 18.09.2020 auf einer limitierten 3-Track EP 7" Single. Vorbestellen könnt ihr das gute Teil hier!

unhappybirthday: new single 'Margo' + video out now!

unhappybirthday have released their latest single 'Margo' taken from the upcoming album 'mondchateau' (out Sep 4). Check out the video to 'Margo' on YouTube

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Black Heino: Neue Single "Homo oeconomicus" und Albumankündigung

Minus, minus, plus, plus, plus "Homo oeconomicus". Seid bereit für die neue Single von Black Heino.
Das dazugehörige Album "Menschen und Maschinen" erscheint am 25. September bei Tapete Records.

Hier könnt ihr das als CD, Vinyl und digital vobestellen.

Out now! Detelf Diederichsen: Volkskunst aus dem Knabengebirge

'Volkskunst aus dem Knabengebirge' by Detlef Diederichsen – an obscure German New Wave masterpiece, originally released in 1982.

Playful, charming & bizarre.

Get your copy (CD, Vinyl, digital) here!

Scarlet's Well - 'Magic' (Selections from 1999-2010) is out now!

The world of Scarlet’s Well was conceived in 1998 by Bid, the lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter of The Monochrome Set, after they had disbanded for a second time. Between 1999 and 2010, Scarlet's Well released several albums.

'Magic' is the first ever compilation with a selection of songs from seven albums which ’Scarlet’s Well’ released in their band history. Order your copy (CD/Vinyl/digital) here.  Each of the 7 albums is also available digitally.

'Symbiosis' by DRIFT. is out now!

The debut album Symbiosis by DRIFT. is out now. DRIFT. is the project of the London based Italian born Nathalia Bruno. Check out the video to the track Raytheons Radar on YouTube.

Symbiosis is available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Order your copy here!

Offenbach am Main
Dream Baby Dream

New single 'Tricks' by EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID out today!

Happy to announce the new EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID album ‚Love Your Work‘ (out Aug 21) with the first single ’Tricks’.

The album is available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Preorder now!

GARY OLSON: solo debut album out now!

Finally out now the self-titled solo debut by the Ex-Ladybug Transistor Gary Olson

Gary Olson was asked how he’s like the album to be listened to. His reply went like this: “I’d suggest listening in a moving train facing the window. Close your eyes and feel the sunlight pass between the trees. Open your eyes slowly and realize you've missed your stop, repeat.“ So get your copy here and enjoy listening.