Hello hello!
To make it easier for us to work your wonderful videos, please be sure to get them to us in these formats:

   MOV or MP4

   max. quality and color depth
   ideal: VBR 2-Pass 
   Target Bitrate MBit/s >6
   Max Bitrate MBit/s  6-10
   Keyframe-Distance = FPS (24/25)
   progressive, no interlacing

Aspect ratio
   Full HD = 1920x1080 (pixel squared)

   Codec AAC
   Frequency >=44,1 KHz
   Quality: High
   Bitrate >=256 KBit/s

To share the video on Social media we could use the following:

At least 1 Trailer for the Social Media Feed: 
Each Trailer 15-30 Seconds
Format should be square = 1:1 
(Also nice is a 4:5 for the Instagram Feed, no must-have)

At least 1 Trailer for Instagram/Facebook Story:
Each Trailer max. 15 Seconds
Smartphone Format = 9:16

Please add the Tapete Records (download here)/Bureau B (download here) logo at the end in each of your trailers.

Talking about trailers - Please send us for each music video an additional trailer in the following format:

9:16 ratio
At least 720px tall
MP4 format
3s to 8s long

We will use this for Spotify Canvas. Spotify Canvas is a visual, which is viewable while playing the track on Spotify. If the track is shared via Instagram Stories, the visual shows up in the story. Statistics say, that Spotify Canvas has a direct influence, how much songs are shared and clicked on Instagram.