Dirk Darmstaedter

Life Is Not A Movie (VÖ: 06.03.2009)

Life Is No Movie is Dirk Darmstaedter’s 3rd solo album proper, having recorded a string of fine records before with The Jeremy Days and Me And Cassity.

Mostly recorded at his home studio in Hamburg, Germany, Life Is No Movie is a musical spread that takes in paeans of teenage escape, drenched in acoustic guitar echo (‚Suitcase Heart’), melodic gems of poppy zeal featuring guitars, more guitars, trumpets and lots of backing vocals (‚1989 Forever’), and slightly weird stories of travels and travails in this our lifetime (‚Life Is No Movie’).

Truly original and highly individual, Life Is No Movie is the sound of a songwriter at the top of his game, making no compromises whatsoever…from sparse acoustic arrangements to full-on ‘Spector-ish’ grandeur, Life Is No Movie is a musical and emotional rollercoaster ride in the best of ways.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, and raised in New Jersey, Dirk grew up on a steady diet of his dad’s Bob Dylan and Burt Bacharach records with a side order of Carpenters, the Lovin’ Spoonfull and Eric Burdon’s ‘War’. (remember ‘The World Is A Ghetto’, anyone?). A fact that is still traceable in most of Dirk’s work today. Music that holds a wealth of possibilities, Pop music that transcends time and space, …spooky, melancholic, soulful…this was and is still the master plan.

Dirk’s first band ‘The Jeremy Days’ was one of Europe’s hottest indie commodities in the 90’s, working with such reknown producers as Langer/Winstanley (Madness/Bowie/Elvis Costello) and Fred Maher (Lou Reed/Lloyd Cole). In 2002, Dirk helped set up Tapete Records, now home to over 30 bands and artists from all over and one of Europe’s premier indie labels. A busy man, yes…but writing and producing his music has always been Dirk’s number one priority as can well be heard listening to this sublime album.

A gifted live performer, Dirk will be taking his guitars, ukulele and trusted VOX amp out to clubs throughout Europe starting April 2009.