Tapete Records is an indie label based in Hamburg, Germany. We've been releasing music since 2002 and have a pretty neat roster of bands and artists including many local stuff as well as bands/artists from the U.S., the UK, Scandinavia, Austria and some more.

We have in-house press and radio promotion, plus everything you need to go about helping our artists' careers in all ways possible.

We're also a full-time booking agency, getting Tapete's bands as well as bands and artists from all kinds of other labels on the road in Europe (main focus: Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
For a closer look at the booking side of things, surf on over to and have a look around.

Tapete is distributed by these fine companies:

USA: Forced Exposure
Germany: Indigo
UK: Shellshock
Switzerland: Irascible
Austria: Indigo
Italy: Audioglobe
France: Differ-Ant
Spain: Gran Sol
Portugal: Compact
Japan: BigNothing
Hongkong: Monitor
Sweden: Border
Denmark: Border
Norway: Border
Finland: Border
New Zealand: Yellow Eye
BeNeLux: Sonic Rendezvous