New Single: Calling Them Out (26 April 2024)

Those who have a decent political compass could not have missed out on the political winds blowing the past years, all over the world in general and in Europe specifically. What once used to be is no more, and we who have grown up in a context characterized by a positive attitude in general to solidarity, immigration, equality and generosity still cant believe what is happening.

Each month passing by, new low levels are reached by people who call themselves both democrats and politicians. Obviously there are different perspectives on what to focus on when strengthening the pillars of a democratic society. Right now we are seeing a growing nationalism, the spread of racism and bizarre conspiracy theories.
At the same time there is a strong tendency of dismantling libraries, study associations, union rights, cultural schools, as well as continuous attacks on civil rights, the LGBT society, Muslims, Jews - you name it. Polarization is growing and its quite obvious to us who are feeding it.

Calling Them Out is our musical response to all that. Let’s at least be honest, no matter how nice suits you wear - fascism/racism always stinks.