New Single: Killing In The Name (out 15 September 2023)

Ten years have passed since the release of our last album “These Are Evil Times”...

It feels a bit bizarre to realize that if the Zeitgeist felt bad back then, it feels even worse now. It seems to be a wicked competition going on these days, where the winner is the one who has offended the biggest number of fellow citizens the most. It is hard for us to understand why some people choose to actively spread hate and disruption. It is quite easy to feel like giving up on mankind, that resistance is nothing but futile. 
At the same time, those feelings often lead to good mental working conditions in the cultural field. We all know that anger is a gift, right? 

This is of course not the only reason behind the return of the Hellsingers, but the common thread in the hymns of love and lounge has for sure become both stronger and more obvious through the years. There are not only more of us Hellsingers in the year of 2023. We are also older, angrier and more devoted than ever to try to spread some musical love around. So we felt the urge to rehearse, sing and record songs which are all spun around the theme of togetherness, love, equality, solidarity and a stubborn stance, against the fear that is grappling our age in an utterly tight wrestling grip. If there is the slightest chance that these songs can make someone feel a bit less disheartened about our future, we definitely want to take it. 

First out is the legendary RATM track, 'Killing in the name', which pin points the situation in our country right now. When racism is used as a tool of the government and public employees are meant to expose immigrant children going to school – the only proper answer must be – Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.