Calm (release date: December 1st, 2017)

The London based duo (Rose Berlin - Vocals and Lyrics / Dean Garcia Producer - bass and multi instrumentalist) release a limited coloured vinyl edition of their new album on Tapete Records!

A decade on from the SPC ECO debut release 3D we find ourselves in the wake of CALM the bands 9th full album release. As with everything including the title of this record SPC ECO are multi faceted, they do their own thing and always have. From the opening song OUT OF SIGHT we're reminded of the musical roots of this band that being the 90's pioneers of genre blurring CURVE and their musical director DEAN GARCIA. As we recover from the opening song we're treated to the multi layered glow of ALL THE VOICES and WAKING UP AGAIN as the voice of ROSE BERLIN swoons (as it always has) we fall into the Godspeed like RISING UP as it shrouds us with nocturnal sonic dust rolling onto the almost jaunty tones of PEARLS leading seamlessly into the albums Trip Gaze flavoured WHO ARE YOU NOW? and GHOSTS all the way through to the closing and foreboding dark n bass heavy lilt of HOURS which is the perfect song to close to any album. CALM is a coming of age record, ten years after SPC ECO started to release albums we're in the midst of a band who are fully fledged with no concern for anything other than to make a record they want to make, no hidden agendas present, there are very few bands or artists who are able to move with such grace and confidence through what seems like 50 different genres some of which you have never heard of, which is something we've come to expect and accept from any SPC ECO record, you're never quite sure what you'll get, but you know you want it. CALM it is and CALM it is not. (reference UK slang for the word Calm).