"Framework" (release date: January 13, 2017)

The Stockholm based band, A PROJECTION, started in 2013 with the ambition to be a true post punk band. The main influences have from the beginning been groups like The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division / New Order, Sisters of Mercy, Interpol and Editors. Electronic acts like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, D.A.F. and The Knife have also been important influences.

The A PROJECTION sound has often been described as a danceable mixture of post punk, indie pop and electronica, with both depth and edge.

The first album, Exit, released in April 2015, consistently received good reviews. The album is a stylish post punk one with clear references to the early 80's and with a raw authenticity that only such a sound can create.

Album number two, Framework, was released in January 2017 and although an unmistakable post punk intensity is still lingering on, the repertoire has been expanded and the sound has become more readily accessible. Even Framework has received consistently good reviews.

According to the members, the band A PROJECTION is a result of desperation. When it all began, the members had safe employments, but the longing after creating music that means something made them quit their jobs and project themselves, head first, through the channels which today reach a growing number of listeners.

The desire to give people the same earth-shattering experiences as the members themselves have gotten through music is the driving force behind the group's creativity. This driving force has led the members to occasionally expose themselves to somewhat extreme ordeals, such as sleep deprivation and loneliness, all to achieve the "bare state of mind when one is forced to remove all the unnecessary and see the essence of things".


The members are: Gustav Forneus, Jesper Lönn, Linus Högstadius and Rikard Tengvall.



A Projection - Young Days (official)
A Projection - Transition (official)