"Youth And I" the new single of MINT MIND is out now!

The new Mint Mind single Youth And I is out. You will find the track on the upcoming album VG+ which will be released on 10 November at Tapete Records.

Youth And I – a song about ageism and the growing divide between young and old. But aren’t we similar? Aren’t the real enemies pretty much the same now as back then? The battles that have been fought and partially won since the 70’s (environment, woman’s rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, economics, etc.) are being turned back as we speak. Having survived the 80’s with the constant threat of nuclear war, AIDS, Reagan, Thatcher, Iran-Contra, etc. it was good to have any ally, young or old. We need to unite and stop fighting each other.

A buzzing neo-new wave track with oscillating vocal lines and Numan-esque synths reminiscent of the air raid sirens. “Youth and I” with its agressive 60’s style garage riff mixed with 80’s sounds closes the divide between the music of two generations like an angry version of a B52’s song.


New MINT MIND single "Contemporary Jaguars" is out!

Mint Mind released their new Single & Video Contemporary Jaguars! Track is taken from the upcoming album VG+ (out on 10 November 2023).

‘Musically “Contemporary Jaguars” sees Mint Mind venture into a darker pop that captivates the listener from the start with its outlandish sounds. The opening synthesizer melody in combination with the driving rhythms of drums, synth bass and guitar provide a sonic representation of this “other” world. The vocals and music in the verses have a coolness to them where the refrains with their call and response become a tug of war between sad yearning and uplifting. It’s as if the music shifts back and forth between the “beautiful ones” and those who wish to be them.‘

Östro 430 on tour!

Sie haben sich ja eigentlich 1984 aufgelöst. Aber egal. Sie sind wieder da und zeigen es allen!

Nachdem die Compilation "Keine Krise kann mich schocken" einige Wellen geschlagen hat, kommt am 1. September ihr neues Album "Punkrock nach Hausfrauenart" raus. Damit gehen sie dann auch gleich auf Tour. 

Östro 430, die ungewollten Role-Models der Ü50-PunkerInnen, teilen wieder aus & prangern an – schmackhaft, nachhaltig & wohl bekömmlich.


Pete Astor on tour!

Pete Astor, formerly head of the The Loft and The Weather Prophets (Creation Records), is on tour in Germany. 

Take a listen to his latest album "Time On Earth" (out 7 October 2022) on CD, Vinyl or digital.

Don't miss to see Pete Astor live – it'll be great! 


Hamburg, Wilhelmsburg

Downpilot on tour

So many years have passed since Paul Hiraga alias Downpilot was on tour in Germany. Make sure to check him out when he's presenting his new album "The Forecast"!

Newcomer: DIE ZÄRTLICHKEIT mit der ersten Single "Ein kurzer Weg".

Unser Neuzugang DIE ZÄRTLICHKEIT singen über das Herz und seine Abgründe. Das ist zart, das ist Pop, das ist 80s, das ist immer aktuell. Ab ins Herz damit!

Das Album "Heimweh Meisterwerke" erscheint am 8. September auf CD, Vinyl und digital.

Vorbestellbar bei uns im SHOP!


Robocop Kraus: New album "Smile" is out now!

After 15 years the band ROBOCOP KRAUS has released a new record. We are really happy to work with this band and these fantastic guys. If you have the chance to see them live: do it! 

The album is available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Get your copy of "Smile" HERE.

Neue Single von Robocop Kraus: "On Repeat"

Auch gerade wieder angefixt worden durch die jüngst erschienene Raritäten-Kompilation „Why Robocop Kraus Became The Love Of My Life“? Die gute Nachricht: Eure Stoßgebete wurden erhört, hier ist die erste neue ROBOCOP KRAUS-Single! Und dann gleich so ein Kracher. Als wären sie nie weg gewesen. „On Repeat“ – so uptempo, so stürmisch, so Robocop Kraus! Punk und Pop, leicht krautig, ein wenig verträumt, eingedampft auf 2:45 Minuten. Textlich ist „On Repeat“ eine Art Hommage an die unerschütterliche Bandchemie der Robos, die auch nach 25 Jahren wie feine Melasse aus ihren Poren tropft. Friendly and also explosive wie ein schlafender Vulkan. Bum Bum Tschak is the beat of the world.


Das Album ist als CD, Vinyl und ltd. transparent Vinyl HIER vorbestellbar.


Robert Forster: New album "The Candle And The Flame" is out!

Finally, the new record "The Candle And The Flame" by Robert Forster ist out.

We are incredibly happy with the reception of Robert Forsters "The Candle and the Flame" so far.

"a set of songs of fragile but defiant beauty" - The Sunday Times

"...this is a record all about not giving in, about the strength of the human spirit and it's uflagging warmth.." - The Daily Telegraph

"Perhaps this generous album's biggest theme is the passge of time and recognising distances travelled" - The Observer

"There are madeleine crumbs all over the nine crisp songs… yet the nostalgia here is unfussy, casually devastating, framed by the joy and poignancy of passing time. The past might be intoxicating but The Candle And The Flame - lucid, conversational, immediate - it's beautifully present in it's moment" - Mojo Magazine


You can order your copy of the album HERE!

Freiburg im Breisgau
St. Gallen

BMX Bandits album Music for the film "Dreaded Light" is out now

Deeply rooted in the golden era of pop – the 60s – as well as the DIY indie pop scene of the 80s, Duglas and the Bandits created their own sound and style. Humorous, heartfelt and always featuring great melodies. Humorous, heartfelt, great melodies... that's exactly our field of expertise! And so it was surely only a matter of time until we, Tapete Records, finally had the honour of releasing a BMX Bandits album. Welcome aboard! Our first album together is the score for the film "Dreaded Light" – out now!

"Music for the film "Dreaded Light"" is available on CD, LP and DL. Get your copy of the album HERE.

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