New SIMON LOVE album 'Love, Sex and Death etc.' is out now!

Following on from Simon Love's 2018 album “Sincerely, S. Love x”, Tapete Records are proud to present Simon Love’s new record “LOVE, SEX and DEATH etc”. 

The third single "I Will Dance" to be issued from the forthcoming “Love, Sex and Death etc” album is another vindictive missive aimed various targets- the right wing, ex-best friends and the 52% of British turkeys who voted for Christmas.  A snarling fuzzed-up garage rock number, it takes off into the stratosphere for a long outro (truncated here for radio purposes) of psychedelic guitars, echo-ing trumpets and electronic noise.  Simon Love says- “I’ve had the chorus for this song for about 20 years but couldn’t find anything that fitted with it until the country seemed to go mad over a two-year period then I couldn’t stop writing lyrics for it. Even though I eventually did”

Check out the video and order your copy of the album on CD/Vinyl or digital here.

New BART DAVENPORT album "Episodes" is out now!

The new BART DAVENPORT album "Episodes" is out now. Returning to acoustic guitars and 60s baroque pop tones, Davenport recently tracked twelve new songs in his home studio in Los Angeles. He takes us on an exclusive tour of colorful stories, both comic and tragic. The resulting "Episodes" marks his eighth proper album.

The album is available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Get your copy HERE!

New album "Allhallowtide" by THE MONOCHROME SET is out!

The good news is 'Allhallowtide' (album #16) is one of the Set's best: chock-full of the kind of twisty-turn elegance and musical surprises they've consistently delivered since 1980 debut 'Strange Boutique', said Shindig! Magazine about the new MONOCHROME SET album 'Allhallowtide'. Check out the new video.

The album is out now and available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Shop here!

New SIMON LOVE single "I Love Everybody In The Whole Wide World (Except You)" is out now

The first single to be taken from SIMON LOVE and the Old Romantics forthcoming LP “Love, Sex and Death etc” is a big fat, wall of guitars ode to hatred. The album will be out on 8 April at Tapete Records.

Head to our shop and pre-order your copy of "Love, Sex and Death etc"


Bart Davenport: New single 'It's You' from the upcoming album 'Episodes'

Bart Davenport might be a multitude of things, depending on whom you ask. He’s been a mod, a blues singer, and a softrock troubadour. He’s an eclectic singer songwriter with the timeless voice of a real crooner. He lives and creates music in Los Angeles. Now he released the first single 'It's You' from his forthcoming album 'Episodes' which will be out on 25 March at Tapete Records.

The album is available on CD, Vinyl and digital. Preorder now!


The Monochrome Set: New single 'Hello, Save Me' is out now

We're happy to announce the new Monochrome Set studio album "Allhallowtide" which will be out on 11 March. The first single "Hello, Save Me" is digitally available everywhere now.

Pre-order your copy of the album here.

Tour und neue Single von Levin Goes Lightly!

Am 5. November erscheint "Rot", das neue Album von Levin Goes Lightly! Daraus erscheint nun mit "Liebhaber" ein großer Hit, intim, gefühlvoll und direkt. Das Video dazu ist von Sabrina Schray.

JAGUWAR album GOLD out now!

Berlin and Dresden trio JAGUWAR release their 2nd album GOLD. Playful noise meets empowering future pop. Check them out when they're on tour throughout Germany in October and November 2021!

"Die traurigen Hummer" von Moritz Krämer erscheint heute!

Moritz Krämer hat sehr schöne Lieder geschrieben und sie aufgenommen. Wir haben das dann auf eine Platte gepresst. Das leben kann gut sein!

Heute erscheint das neue Moritz-Krämer-Album "Die traurigen Hummer", das Video zum Titeltrack seht ihr hier nebenan.

Neues DLDGG-Album "Gschichterln aus dem Park Café" ist da!

Bisschen abgehoben, aber sehr sympathisch: Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen. Am 9. Juli ist ihr neues Meisterwerk "Gschichterln aus dem Park Café" erschienen. Was für eine Platte! Kids und Presse diggen Songs wie "Rebekka will ihr Rad zurück", "2020 - Das erotische Jahr" oder auch "Männer mit schönen Haaren" gleichermaßen. All Killer no Filler. Mit dem Album schreiben sie Musikgschichterl. Hört und streamt oder kauft (wäre uns doch am liebsten) HIER oder besucht den Schallplattenladen an der Ecke und sagt am Verkaufstresen leise "DLDGG"!

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